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Navigating through employee relations, employment law changes and workforce trends can be complex and having an experienced Strategic HR Partner can ease those complexities.  

Intentional Solutions is here to help start-ups, small or midsize businesses craft customized solutions that lead to intended outcomes.  This can be achieved through support that is right for you.

Strategic HR Solutions

Recruitment & Retention: Intentional solutions to engage & hire talent
Employee Relations: Workplace investigations, coaching, corrective action unemployment, HR policies & procedures
Performance Development & Management: Alignment of people to business objectives, leadership development training, leadership coaching

Audits & Compliance: State & Federal law required postings, I9 Audit, Employment File and Recordkeeping

Other customized solutions to create an engaged workforce


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Intentional HR Retainer Plan: Apply intentional solutions to workforce challenges and opportunities that come up. Receive strategic consultation, hands-on support and compliance on employee related matters that stand in the way of meeting business objectives.
HR Retainer Plan: Strategic consultation on Employee Relations, Performance Management, Leaves & Accommodations. Make decisions confidently knowing that you have a certified HR consultant who has your business best interest in mind!
HR Starter Plan: Not sure how much HR support you need? Assess during the two months of the HR Starter Plan. Intentional HR solutions that help you meet your business objectives while having peace of mind!  
Intentional Recruitment Plan: Get the recruitment hands-on support you need without adding more work to your team! We will handle your recruiting efforts from beginning to end!
Recruitment Solutions Plan: If you have the manpower and just need guidance on how to maximize your recruitment efforts, the Recruitment Solutions Plan is perfect for you! Receive consultation on proven strategies to find the talent you need. 
Job Fair Consultation: Let the job fair expert guide you through the ins and outs on making your next job fair a success! Hire the talent you need by taking intentional steps before, during, and after a job fair.
Job Fair Plan: If having an expert manage your next job fair helps your team stay focused on running the business, then the Job Fair Plan is perfect for you! Let Intentional Solutions take care of the next job fair for you from beginning to end!

Additional services offered based on client needs

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Packaged Solutons
Career Readiness Services

Human Resource Mentorship: Been there and done that! Fill your toolbox with valuable knowledge to grow your HR career 
Job & Resume Guidance:  Optimize job search tools & get inside knowledge from an HR expert
Interview Preparation: Mock interviews with an HR expert
Job Seeker Resources: Provide you with free resources to optimize your job search

Customized additional services if needed


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