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Achieve Workplace Resolutions!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Starting a new year gives everyone an opportunity to reinvent oneself after deep reflection of the successes and challenges encountered throughout the year.

Was I the leader I intended to be in 2021? Was I the person I know I can be? Did I help others grow to their full potential? Did I adapt quickly and swiftly when confronted with challenges?

Self-reflection on these key questions will be helpful to determine what changes within us need to be made.


There is no doubt that COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased the complexity in our personal and professional lives. It also significantly increased the complexity in our organization, thus, requiring adaptive leadership.

Mobilizing knowledge in times of complexity, unpredictability and change is paramount.

To do so, leaders must be responsive to contextual needs, and empower others to act in spite of an unclear and messy journey ahead.

Empower Others

Micromanaging in most instances, particularly during times of complexity, unpredictability and change, stifles the quick transfer of knowledge and action needed to overcome the challenges ahead (among other things).


As we wrap up 2021 and think of 2022 workplace resolutions, I want to share with you a few tips on how you can turn your resolutions into reality.

  • Incorporate adaptive approaches in your leadership style

  • Share resolutions with team members and how they fit into accomplishing them

  • Envision it from the viewpoint of what you want to accomplish

  • Sell it to your team and they too will work toward accomplishing it

  • Measure the success of each milestone

  • Celebrate the progress of each milestone - keeps momentum

  • Consider attitude adjustments to address negativity before it spreads

  • Apply adaptive approaches to pivot when necessary due to unexpected situations

Having outside guidance from an experienced HR Solutionist can help your organization start 2022 on the right foot. Intentional Solutions has expertise to assess and guide you as you navigate through these complex and unpredictable times, please visit our website to learn more.

Wishing you and your family a joyous and safe holiday. May you have much success in 2022!


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