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Get Noticed & Get Hired!

Finding a job, is a job in itself and requires an intentional plan of action. Today, though, job seekers have an opportunity to find a better paying job with better benefits than before given the workforce changes that have occurred over the last two - three years.

If you are looking for a job and aren't getting called for interviews, there are things you can do to help get noticed by recruiters.

As a potential worker, you offer tremendous value to companies. Through your work, companies meet their goals.

Companies need and want employees who are responsible, committed, and more importantly, who are eager to learn and work.

If that’s you, continue reading to learn how you can be strategic in your job search…

Your Resume

Your resume has to stand out. Your resume has to stand out more so than the other resumes received.

Recruiters typically spend 2 seconds reviewing each application/resume received.

Depending on the company and/or the position you applied to, recruiters may have received a handful of resumes or hundreds of resumes. So, your resume needs to catch their attention quickly.

Your resume needs to tell your future employer that you have the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to meet their company goals.

Highlight your qualifications. Make a list of the skills you have acquired in your former jobs and/or school and highlight them in your resume.

Recent Graduate or Little Experience

If you are a recent graduate, think about the skills you acquired when you participated in school activities or clubs.

What did those activities teach you? Were you in sports? If so, you learned discipline, teamwork and competitiveness.

If you had a part-time job – let say you were a busser. You learned to collaborate with your co-workers, the waiter and kitchen staff to ensure customers were seated quickly in a clean restaurant.

Toot your own horn!

If you were employee of the month, if you were consistently complimented by customers, if you received high performance evaluations on a regular basis – make sure you highlight it in your resume.

Review ALL of the job posting carefully.

Use some of the terminology used in the job posting to describe your experience, if it matches your job experience and qualifications.

Companies who have an online application process, will most likely, have technology that matches key words on resumes with their job posting.

Final Tips...

  • Spell check – make sure your resume does not have typos or misspelled words.

  • Do not include experience you do not have.

  • Use action verbs. For example, led, coordinated, reached, etc.

  • Do not simply copy and paste your current job description onto your resume - adjust it to truly reflect your experience & personalize it.

Getting guidance from an HR expert who has reviewed countless resumes and interviewed countless candidates will give you the inside know how on getting noticed and getting hired. Intentional Solutions is happy to guide you through your job search. Visit our website to learn more and contact us.


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